Do as the Romans did: Soak up the health benefits of your backyard spa

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Do as the Romans did: Soak up the health benefits of your backyard spa

When in your own backyard, do as the Romans did. Soak in the healing water of your very own portable HotSpring® or CalderaSpa™.

We can’t think of a greater gift to yourself, and to those you love, than a new hot tub.

Ahhh is the word for that glorious sensation of easing down into a hot tub. No one jumps into a portable spa, not when you can immerse yourself, one part at a time, in that hot bubbling water.

Yessss, it feels good. And...are you ready for this? Lounging in a hot tub is good for you. We’re talking not only about the emotional benefits of relaxation and stress relief but the surprising benefits for your health!

The Romans knew and so did the Greeks and the Egyptians. They soaked in hot springs for therapeutic benefits as well as relaxation. In fact the word spa, from the Latin phrase “salus per aquam,” means “health from water.”

How to get the most benefit from your new spa

Use it to meditate.
Make your spa your sanctuary--a place to unwind, slow down and breathe deeply. Soaking in your own portable spa is the natural way to refocus and reduce anxiety. The more at peace you become, the more energy you will enjoy for balanced living.

Sleep better tonight.
Take a 15-minute soak an hour and a half or so before you go to bed. Soaking in a portable spa lowers your body temperature and helps bring sleep on naturally.

Heat your body for better blood flow and heart health.
As your body warms up and absorbs heat from your portable spa, your blood vessels will begin to dilate, increasing blood flow, helping your heart to pump efficiently. This helps to lower blood pressure, too. Soaking in a hot tub provides all-around benefits for your heart.

Heat your muscles for relaxation and recovery.
Worn out, injured, fatigued or sore? The healing water of your portable spa can soothe your muscles and joints and help them recover faster. Use your jet sprays to target specific areas, loosen them up and keep your joints moving. Soaking in a portable spa actually simulates exercise to keep muscles and joints flexible. And unlike a hot bath in a conventional tub, spa water maintains its temperature indefinitely for long-lasting benefits.

Relieve pain.
Take 15 - 20 minutes to soak in your hot tub for your very own “spa therapy session” and relieve pain naturally, without taking painkillers. Increasing your body’s temperature can reduce your sensitivity to pain.

Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness.
The buoyancy of a portable spa helps relieve pressure on your joints by supporting about 90 percent of your weight. This feeling of weightlessness in a hot tub, combined with heat and massage, is the perfect trio for therapeutic benefits.

We offer several options when it comes to purchasing a portable spa. Stop by today and let us help you decide on the best spa for your needs.  

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