Fiberglass Pools make for Smooth Sailing

By Family Pool, Spa & Billiard
Fiberglass pools make for smooth swimming
Your backyard paradise can feel as inviting as it looks with a Viking fiberglass pool.

Family Pool, Spa and Billiard Centers is proud to carry the Viking brand. Viking offers more options than any other pool manufacturer.

When you purchase a fiberglass pool customized for your home and lifestyle, you’re making an investment in a permanent home improvement that looks gorgeous, feels amazing, and is far more affordable to maintain than a concrete pool.
Why choose fiberglass over concrete? Here are a few of the advantages of fiberglass over concrete:
Fiberglass is stronger.
Its non-porous surface resists problems associated with imbalanced water chemistry and is also algae resistant. As such, your fiberglass pool will require fewer chemicals and less maintenance as well as electricity.
Plus, its flexural strength prevents cracking.
Your fiberglass pool is smooth to the touch.
The smooth finish of our fiberglass pools means you can relax and enjoy the surface without worrying about skin abrasions.

While fiberglass pools offer limited shapes and sizes, you’ll appreciate the multitude of special features available:

Crystite gives your fiberglass pool a gorgeous finish.
Which color will you choose? Azure, maya, persian?  They’re all beautiful. Choose from perimeter tile, inlaid tile or tile mosaics.

You can listen to the tranquil sounds of flowing water and waterfalls.
Our fiberglass pools offer built-in features like cascades and streams, as well as fiber optic and LED lighting, and in-floor cleaning systems.
Enjoy your very own eco-resort.
Fiberglass pools act as a natural insulator, requiring less electricity and gas to heat your pool.

Relax and enjoy the lower maintenance costs.
The cost of maintaining a fiberglass pool for 10 years? $4,200 compared to $16,950 for a concrete pool.

Every Viking fiberglass pool includes a free custom outdoor kitchen! Let us build your backyard paradise

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