Host a hot tub party for Thanksgiving and double the joy of bringing your family together

By Family Pool, Spa & Billiard
What brings a family together on Thanksgiving almost as much as the aroma of roasted turkey? How about adding a portable spa to your list of blessings?

The plan is to cook all day, gather at the dining room table, stuff yourselves until you can’t eat any more, clear the dishes and put the food away for leftovers. Now for the twist: everyone who could barely move after the feast can now gather ‘round in your new portable spa.

You may have overeaten to the point of exhaustion, but when you retreat to your own backyard spa, you’ll find the fullness of your stomachs will give way to a feeling of buoyancy. Despite all the food that may be pressing against your stomach and chest, you’ll begin to breathe easier because the warmth and movement of the water will improve your circulation and increase your blood flow. Your joints will experience relief, defying the inflammatory effects of the rich foods you ate. The feeling of fullness and muscle tightness--all highly worth the experience of feasting--will give way to feeling light and breezy.

Whatever stress you experienced, from preparing the biggest meal of the year to mediating family discussions, will cross over to a state of total relaxation.

Conversation will flow even more so in a magical pool that brings everyone together in a relaxed and happy state of mind.

A hot tub party for Thanksgiving? Why not? This is the day to celebrate your blessings, and being together with your family and friends is your number one reason to be thankful.

So, as you prepare to indulge in the feast of the year, why not spoil yourselves in a portable spa after your meal? You’ll be so thankful you did!

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