Love and water. You can’t live without them!

By Peg
Are a box of chocolates, a dozen roses and a teddy bear still the surest path to her heart on Valentine’s Day?

More than 40 years ago, the heart-shaped bathtub, pioneered in the Pocono Mountains resorts of Pennsylvania, came to symbolize the ultimate romantic weekend. A 1971 Life magazine photo of a couple kissing in a heart-shaped tub sparked a fervor. The Poconos, a longtime honeymoon destination, experienced a surge in reservations and became known as the “Land of Love.” The heart-shaped tub paved the way for the jacuzzi and, incredibly, a 7-foot high champagne glass whirlpool tub for two that might be called tacky.

Your hot tub doesn’t need to be heart-shaped to draw a bath with your “heart.” Today you can create the intimacy of a honeymoon suite in your very own private paradise. Our spas by HotSpring® and CalderaSpas® are a gorgeous as well as tasteful addition to your home. On your deck, in your backyard...anywhere you like to cuddle and anytime you’re in the mood for love and relaxation.

When you love someone you trust that person with your soul. When you cuddle with your special someone in the bubbling, relaxing waters of a hot spa, you trust the water to wash away your cares. Love floats...

There are two essentials in life: love--the reason we are here, and water--the elixir of health. Whether you drink of them or in them, they have the power to heal and are key to your survival. 

Maybe that’s why they go so well together. Like you and the one you love.

Women have come to expect romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day but February 14 is about so much more than giving gifts. Cupid’s arrow truly reminds us to express our love in ways that will mean the most to the one you love. It’s all about the experience of sharing that love. And there’s nothing like the experience of cuddling together in your own private spa.

Love and water? They always save the day!

Hot tubs and portable spas. They’re for lovers. And they’re bubbling for you.

Which of these wonderful sanctuaries will be a source of love?  Learn more about our in-ground pools, above-ground pools and portable spas by HotSpring® and CalderaSpas®

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