Swimming Pools, Movie Stars

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Swimming Pools, Movie Stars
Life is rich in the family pool
If you recall the story of mountaineer Jed Clampett of “The Beverly Hillbillies” TV show in the 1960s, after striking oil “he loaded up his truck and moved to Beverly.”
“Hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars,” as the show’s theme song goes.
Those were the days when a backyard pool was considered the privilege of the rich and famous, or at least the rich. The movie studios made up their stars to look amazing and arranged photo sessions of them lounging by their pools.
One of the more remarkable and beautiful filmed records of a famous couple was of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz playing with their two young children in their family pool, and again, years later, in their grown daughter’s pool with their first grandchild. “Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie” shows the last time the “I Love Lucy” stars were filmed together. Though long divorced, in this clip (,  they’re still affectionate with each other, laughing and having a blast with their grandbaby. Their affection for their family and each other is wonderful to watch. Desi even sings “Babaloo” to his grandson.
The scene closes with Desi singing, “I’m in heaven because I love Lucy and Lucy loves me.”
These stars playing in and lounging their pools are not all that different from me and you. They find their heaven relaxing with their families in their backyard pools. It’s where the love is.

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