Take a vacay, permanently, with a new in-ground pool

By Family Pool, Spa & Billiard
Back in the day, when a novel called “Lost Horizon” came out, the word Shangri-La came to mean an earthly paradise, the kind you can create in your own backyard with an in-ground pool. The name may date back to 1933, but the idea never grows old. If you’ve been dreaming of your own Shangri-La, start dreaming with the professionals who can make it real.

Dream up your backyard paradise and we will build it.
Not sure you’re ready? We can smooth the process of building your pool from start to finish. Our professional pool specialists will help you decide where in your backyard you want to build, choose the design of your dreams, show you how to maintain your pool, and make it easy to finance it.
Have fun with it. Think of your pool-building project as planning the ultimate vacation, a permanent and therefore perfect vacay!
Let us introduce you to the process.
First, play our video at to hear our professional pool specialist tell you how easy it is to start your pool, finish it and maintain it year round.
The process of building your pool will be amazing. Watch as we create the outline we’ll use to dig your pool, contour the steel to shape it in the ground, and shoot a mixture of sand, rock, cement and water into the steel to form a strong, durable pool shell.
Perhaps you’ll choose a tile mosaic or tile edge detail for your pool? What beautifully textured concrete or paver will you select? What special features do you have in mind--a waterfall, natural rocks and landscaping? Watch as we create the pool surface style you choose using a smooth interior finish.

Then we’ll test your pool equipment and your water to ensure your pool is working beautifully. And to ensure you feel confident about maintaining your pool--which takes no more than a few minutes each week--our professional pool specialist will walk you through every easy step.

We’ll also help you ensure your pool’s safety.
Let’s review the distinct advantages of owning one of our in-ground pools:
First, its beauty. Take a look at our photo gallery--have you ever seen more gorgeous pools? Each pool is uniquely beautiful, with the ability to blend seamlessly into your environment.
Our pools are built to last, made with 8-inch thick walls and 40 percent more steel than most competitor pools.
They’re energy efficient and come with an exclusive lifetime pump and surface warranty.
Financing is easy:
  • 100 percent financing available
  • 30-second loan approvals
  • 0% APR programs
A glimpse at the pluses of an in-ground pool:
  • An in-ground pool’s deep end is about six feet--deep enough for diving, so you can add a diving board, slide or both. 
  • It’s easy to swim laps in an in-ground pool, making it a great place to exercise.
  • You can customize your pool to any shape you want.
  • An in-ground pool permanently enhances and increases the investment value of your home and property.
Ready to take the plunge? At Family Pool, Spa & Billiard and at Showcase Pool and Spa, we’re ready to build your backyard paradise.

Which of these wonderful sanctuaries will be your Shangri-La? Learn more
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