An above-ground pool from us makes it easy to own your first pool

By Family Pool, Spa & Billiard
An above-ground pool from us makes it easy to own your first pool

This could be your first pool! The one that makes it easy to be a pool owner and affordably brings family and friends together for backyard fun. A starter pool, if you like. Someday you can graduate to an in-ground pool, if that’s your goal. We can help you with that, too.

The above-ground pool is better than ever, and here’s why:

•  You can have a new pool for about one-fourth the cost of an in-ground pool.

•  You can put it almost anywhere in your backyard, no digging required. And you probably won’t need a building permit to do it.

•  You can be swimming in your new pool the same day it’s installed. You can even save money by installing it yourself.

•  You can make it beautiful. Choose the size, shape and style you want, add landscaping, enhance it with a deck. We build pool decks.

•  It’s low maintenance. Easy to keep grass clippings, leaves, twigs out of the water, easy to keep domestic and wild animals from taking a swim. What’s more, fixing a leak is a simpler task. We carry Pristine Blue Non-Chlorine Pool and Spa Care and all the accessories you’ll need to keep your pool looking and feeling great when you swim.

•  It’s the safest. Always, always be mindful of neighborhood children who may be curious about your pool. An above-ground pool makes it harder for a child to slip in, which provides some assurance. But you still may want to erect a locked privacy fence around it.

•  It adds value to your home but won’t increase your property taxes. While not the property investment that an in-ground pool represents, an above-ground pool may attract prospective buyers who see your pool as a plus. If they don’t, it’s easy to take down, or take it with you.

•  It’s portable. You can always take an above-ground pool with you. You can also move it to another spot in your yard, or take it down entirely if you want to close it during the winter months.

•  It’s strong--made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials.

•  And the bonus if you graduate to an in-ground pool from us? A 100 percent trade-in value. We’ll credit the full purchase price of your above-ground pool toward one of our in-ground pools.

How else do we make it affordable? Whether you shop at Family Pool, Spa & Billiard Center or from Showcase Pool and Spa, we offer 100 percent on-site financing, 30-second loan approvals and 0 percent APR programs. We also have our $99 Installation Sale running -- Have your pool professionally installed if you purchase by the end of April!
•  Which of our above-ground pools speak to you? Learn more about our affordable above-ground pools from $499. Call and speak to a professional Pool and Spa Associate today!


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